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*NEW* Illuminate BCAAs ▲ Recovery ▲ Muscle Building ▲ Electrolytes

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One of Forbidden Labz secrets is finally revealed! ILLUMINATE your workout with our sauce in the Secret Sauce Stack.

These BCAA's not only mix clear but are the best tasting BCAA's on the market.

Minimize the breakdown of muscle and improve protein metabolism with L-Glutamine.

Stimulate protein synthesis with Micronized Leucine, Leucic Acid (HICA), and Isoleucine.

Enhance energy, increase endurance, and aid in muscle tissue recovery and repair with Valine. 

L-Carnitine oxidizes long-chain fatty acids to be used as energy, a proven weight-loss staple.

To top it all off, we round out the product with a healthy dose of Vitamin C, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, and Magnesium.

Give ILLUMINATE BCAAs a try and see for yourself. 

Forbidden Labz. "The supplements they didn't want you to know about."