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Evening Primrose Oil
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The holy grail of supplements is weight loss aids. Anything we can consume which may assist the loss of body fat is likely to be often sold and used by the population!
However, once again despite people often singing the praises of evening primrose oil for this task, the benefits are not as clear and consistent as you may expect.
For example, a double-blind study on 100 significantly overweight women examined the benefit of evening primrose oil supplementation over 12-weeks and compared to a placebo supplement(19). This study showed no difference between groups, meaning evening primrose oil was only as effective as a placebo tablet. However, this trial was flawed methodologically by a 25% drop out rate which would substantially impact how legitimate and valid they results should be considered. This was also in a group of women who had failed to respond previously to other forms of treatment- leading them to be considered to have “refractory obesity”. Simply put this is a form of obesity which is considered to be resistant to treatment(20).

Heart Health
On our list of the health benefits of evening primrose oil is how it can help with keeping a healthy heart. Studies have shown that using evening primrose oil on a daily basis can help lower a person’s cholesterol, blood pressure, and safeguard one against coronary artery disease and thus decrease the chance of heart disease and heart attacks.

Menstrual Pain
Evening primrose oil is usually used to alleviate the distress that is commonly associated with menstrual signs. While certain studies have supported this particular claim, other studies have ended up with inconclusive results. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that many women all over the world are finding relief by using evening primrose oil.

Diabetics occasionally have difficulty producing GLA and evening primrose oil could be an effective supplement to help benefit them. Studies have discovered that evening primrose oil could also help safeguard individuals from diabetic neuropathy, a nerve condition frequently affecting individuals with diabetes. This condition can cause pain, tingling, numbness, and other issues in the legs and toes.

Skin Health
Evening primrose oil is recognized as an efficient remedy for eczema and a number of other skin problems due partly to its GLA content and other essential fatty acids which are necessary to correct skin health.

Anti-Inflammatory and Discomfort Reliever
Evening primrose oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, and might help ease the symptoms of  rheumatoid arthritis and chest discomfort.

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